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Understanding Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome, also known as the XXY condition, is the term used to describe men who have the extra X chromosome in most of their cells. Men typically have an XY chromosome, but people have Klinefelter XXY pattern.

Klinefelter syndrome is named after Dr. Henry Klinefelter, who first described a group of symptoms found in some men with an additional X chromosome. Although all people with Klinefelter syndrome have the extra X chromosome, not every XXY male has all the symptoms.

Because not every male with XXY pattern has all the symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome, usually use the term XXY male to describe these men, or XXY condition to describe the symptoms.

Scientists believe the XXY condition is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities in humans. Approximately one of every 500 males have the extra X chromosomes, but many do not have any symptoms.


Not all men with the condition have the same symptoms or the same level. Symptoms depend on how many XXY cells a man has, how much testosterone in his body, and the age when the condition is diagnosed.

Common symptom among others, abnormal body, broad chest, sexual problems. small penis, and the body tends to short.


XXY chromosome pattern pattern can not be changed. However, there are several ways to treat the symptoms of the XXY condition that is therapeutic and medical care.

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